Capacity to perform

With our current human and machine capabilities, we have completed over 80 large and small projects, both domestically and internationally. LK is a specialist in expansion joints.

Machinery capacity for construction at the project (quantity at 1 project):

Laser level: 05 units

Máy hàn Tige 01: 03 cái

TIG welder 01: 03 units

Máy hàn Tige 02: 03 cái

TIG welder 02: 03 units

Máy khoan bê tông BOSCH: 06 cái

Bosch concrete drill: 06 units

Máy khoan bin Makita: 06 cái

Makita cordless drill: 06 units

May khoan bê tông Bosch: 05 cái

Bosch concrete drill: 05 units

Máy khoan tay: 05 cái

Hand drill: 05 units

Máy mài: 06 cái

Grinders: 06 units

Máy mài bosch: 03 cái

Bosch grinders: 03 units

Máy cắt nhôm: 06 cái

Aluminum cutting machines: 06 units

Thang treo: 2 cái

Hanging ladders: 2 units

Xe Forklift: 03 cái

 Forklift: 03 unit