Khe co giãn AR-606-Seri-congtyLK


Technical drawing of roof-to-roof expansion joint
Product CodeJoint Gap
Total Movement
Parapet Width
 Top Surface Width (s) 
AR606-050 50 mm ± 25 mm 150mm 386mm 
AR606-100 100 mm ± 50mm 150mm 436mm 
AR606-150 150 mm ± 50mm 150mm 486mm 
AR606-200 200 mm ± 50mm 150mm 536mm 
AR606-252 250 mm ± 50mm 250mm 776 mm 
Technical specifications table for roof-to-roof joints


Technical drawing of roof-to-wall expansion joint
Product CodeJoint Gap
Total MovementParapet Width (b)Top Surface Width (s)  
AR606-050K 50 mm ± 40 mm 150mm 218mm 
AR606-100K 100 mm ± 50mm 150mm 268mm 
AR606-150K150 mm ± 65mm 150mm 318mm 
AR606-200K 200 mm ± 65mm 150mm 368mm 
AR606-252K 250 mm ± 65mm 250mm  513mm 
Technical specifications table for roof-to-wall expansion joints

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